All-in-One App for Data and Actions

Simplify and Integrate Your Proactive Health Management

Your Body Health - We Do Care

Start your journey to proactive health management by tracking your daily sleep, activities, and stress.

Dive into Your Sleep Patterns

Boost your sleep quality and recharge your body with our comprehensive insights into your sleep and nap patterns.

Keep Fit with Activity Tracking

Capture every move you make, using diverse activity-related metrics to propel you toward a healthier lifestyle.

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Understand Your All-Day Stress

Discover your mind-body connection and equip yourself for a better day with stress insights.

Review Your Health Journey

Track, analyze, and adjust for a healthier lifestyle with weekly, monthly, and yearly insights for optimal self-care.

Your Ring - Your Health

Customize your ring settings, collect personalized data, and make it all about you. Tailored to fit your needs.

Your Personal Health Manager

How are you feeling today? RingConn App is your wellness companion, empowering your wellness journey with 24/7 health tracking.

It offers valuable insights into your sleep, activity, and stress patterns, paving the way for proactive, continual health management around the clock. RingConn keeps up with your journey to becoming a healthier you.

Dive into Your Sleep Pattern

Night after night, RingConn diligently tracks your sleep, providing a holistic analysis that factors in your various sleep periods throughout the day. This includes a comprehensive Sleep Quality Score and factor breakdown.

Working silently yet effectively, it faithfully records critical health data such as Heart Rate, Oxygen Saturation (SpO2), Heart Rate Variability (HRV), and Skin Temperature, among others. With dynamic charts and insightful sleep advice, the path to achieving better sleep has never been clearer.

Keep Fit with Activity Tracking

Accurately track key metrics such as your daily steps, calories burned, standing hours, and overall activity intensity throughout the day.

The Activity Score not only enables you to check daily activities but also helps you meet your fitness goals. With the comprehensive activity data and targeted goal management, cultivating a healthier lifestyle has never been easier.

Take Time to Unwind

Utilize Heart Rate Variability (HRV) metrics to offer a continuous Stress Score. The detailed stress data aids in optimizing your day, promoting sensible relaxation, and understanding the connection between your physical and mental state.

Witness Every Effort: Insights from Long-Term Data

RingConn tracks your progress every step of the way, monitoring over 40 health-related parameters to provide comprehensive trends spanning weeks, months, and years. Deepen your self-understanding through continuous, long-term data trends.

Personalize Your Smart Ring

Personalize your smart ring with custom sizing and color options. Additionally, the RingConn App also provides a user-friendly interface with a wealth of features, enabling you to explore the full range of details and functionalities available for your ring.